Accepting Guests For New Season!

Are you a business expert or experienced podcast guest? Are you a daring adventurer willing to try new things?

Pivot Don’t Quit It podcast is a modern noir detective story – except the cases are inspired by real entrepreneurs! Based on the idea that business is forged over cups of coffee, the host (aka me) interviews expert witnesses (aka business experts) in the hopes of solving her client’s case. Names and details are changed to protect the innocent, but every episode features a real case study from a real business. The characters may be fictional, but the success stories are not!

Don’t worry, there’s no script. Expert guests simply play themselves and offer their best experience and advice to solve the case at hand. (BONUS – if you have a relevant client success story, we can use their real before and after metrics. We will simply adapt the evidence to fit one of the shows characters.)

Three character tracks, as well as some potential topics, are outlined below. Pitch to whichever business owner you can help the most.

early 20s, part-time blogger and community activist in Atlanta, works full-time for a nonprofit, sells thrift clothing as a side hustle, wants to start an ethical clothing line

Potential Topics:

– Product distribution
– Sourcing labor
– Money blocks
– Learning to take the right advice
– working full-time at an unfulfilling job
– Side hustlers vs entrepreneurs OR why you’re afraid to start a business

early 30s, husband and wife team, just sold off separate companies to go all in together on new medical app, were digital nomads but settled in CA to build tech company

Potential Topics:

– Finding mentors in the tech industry
– Finding startup capital
– App development
– Digital user experience
– Social media advertising
– Setting up an office/hiring the right talent

mid-40s, mother of 3, health and lifestyle coach, host of successful YouTube interview show, published author and speaker, family is thinking of relocating from NYC to CO

Potential Topics:

– Marketing/Sales Funnels across multiple channels, blogs, programs, etc.
– Dealing with launch overwhelm
– Building a home video studio
– Self-publishing vs traditional book deal
– Balancing work and travel OR moving away from the big city where the action is
– Getting the same success with group coaching, eCourses, etc. as with 1:1 clients

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